Paddle Board Rental: The Unique Health Benefits of Paddle Boarding

by | Sep 27, 2013 | News

Stand Up Paddle Board Rental

SUP paddle boarding offers unparalleled core training. The target of core training is the muscle groups in the mid-section of our bodies, those muscles that join lower body to upper body. Since paddle boarding (or SUP) has you balancing on the uneven surface of water, it is very efficient in training these muscle groups.

What you gain in core training from stand up paddle board rental rather than the traditional resistance training found in a gym is that paddle boarding requires strength and dexterity while you are ‘on the move.’ You are combining core strengthening with intelligent muscle exercise. (“The coordinated firing of neural pathways to cause your muscles to contract at exactly the right amount at the right time, with the opposing muscles resisting just the correct amount is the talent of body memory”)

Paddle boarding is unique because for all the challenges to all muscle groups, it is a sport that new users can advance in rapidly. You can generally begin to Paddle Board after an hour and a half lesson if your instructors are trained and experienced.

Low Stress Fat Burning and Muscle Toning

Stand-up Paddle Boarding for 40minutes 3 times a week can build your strength while avoiding strains and injuries. It will help you keep excess weight off which also helps take the load off of your back and your knees. You can exercise in the cool of the day which makes stand up paddle board rental less taxing. Bays, bayous and lakes abound on the Emerald Coast, offering you knew waters to explore.

The best ways to take a break

“Tuning into the gentle movement of the water, watching the light dance on the surface moving in time with the rhythm of the water is a Zen like activity that can bring a calm awareness to other aspects of your life.”

Modern day life has grown complicated and hectic with high demands and sensory overloads. We have new terms for new problems, like Adult Attention Deficit Disorder, which is the inability to focus on something for a necessary amount of time. Taking time out and spending that time in nature lowers your base stress levels. Studies show that those who ‘unplug’ in natural surroundings for a few hours have lower pulse rates, blood preassure and cortisol rates than those who do not.

Opportunities for more health benefits

As you take in the beauty of the Emerald Coast waters and enjoy seeing the sea life beneath your board, you can easily increase your exercise and your health benefits while paddle boarding.
• Paddle in 360’s while you stand on the rear of the board
• Paddle in 360’s while you stand on the nose of the board–facing forwards or backwards.
• Stand with one foot as far back as you can in surfer stance and paddle until your back leg grows tired, then swap.
• Paddle into a strong current or practice doing sprints 40 seconds then rest and then repeat the repetition

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